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Ocean Link Travel is a high reputable Chinese Australian travel agency servicing the Sydney area and has developed a close relationship with the major cities in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. We offer professional Oceania tourism consulting services, providing optimised itinerary designs and unrivalled access.

Our company provides several grades and modes of travel ranging from coaches to private cars to meet the needs of our unique guests. The company's professional, knowledge-rich and courteous tour guides have many years of experience. Furthermore, they have Australian tour guide training certificates and are first-aid trained. 

Ocean Link Travel (简称OK旅游)注册成立于2014年6月,前身是成立于2010年的Ocean Link Travel Services Pty Ltd。公司目前正在申请澳大利亚旅行社联合会(AFTA)的会员以及其ATAS认证。OK旅游专注悉尼地区的地接业务并在澳洲各大城市以及新西兰、斐济都有密切合作伙伴,可提供专业的大洋洲旅游咨询服务、最优化的行程设计与细致入微的地接服务。公司可提供各种不同档次、不同车型和不同座位数的旅游车和轿车,满足不同团队和客人的需求。公司的专业导游拥有澳洲导游专业培训证书及急救证书并有多年从业经验,知识丰富,服务周到。OK旅游在澳洲旅游业界口碑良好,是一家值得信赖的华人旅行社。

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