The company operates under three business segments: Group Chartered, Custom Chartered and Self-Drive Tour Services. Our vehicles include people movers to Mercedes cars to large buses. We cater the vehicle size and models to suit our clients' requirements.

The custom charter group specialise in accordance to the preferences of our guests. We can customise the itinerary to include experiences such as golf trips, wine tasting, and off-road driving. We also assist with custom itinerary design, hotel ticket booking and other requirements to provide a full travel guide service.

On our self-drive tours, we have developed a number of classic Australian and New Zealand routes covering Australia and the whole territory. These routes include: Melbourne - Sydney, Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane, South Australia - West South Australia, Perth - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney, Adelaide - Darwin. We can customise your travel plans to include the East-West connection route across Australia or North - South across Australia, Tasmanian panorama route and even four-wheel driving off-road through the Simpson Desert. Similarly we also offer self-drive routes in New Zealand covering both North and South Islands.





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